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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!  Chocolates (as long as it is nut and caramel free) are a safe and tasty Valentine's treat.  As a reminder please avoid any foods that are hard, sticky or chewy, as these foods risk breaking brackets and wires.  When you consistently break your braces, the braces do not work properly and this causes your treatment to be significantly delayed.  To keep your treatment on track, it is in your best interest to avoid any foods or habits that can cause damage to your braces.  Each time you eat one of these types of foods, it weakens the glue between your appliances and your teeth.  Eventually the glue will fail and the appliance will become loose.  When the appliances are not properly attached to the teeth, they cannot work properly and your treatment becomes compromised.